TD Buy & Sell Perfection

This indicator is a signal for a trend exhaustion. It signals when an underlier is oversold or overbought. It consists of 4 conditions

  • The Bearish Price Twist:
  • P(t-9) > P(t-13) && P(t-8)<P(t-12)

  • The TD Buy System ∀ P(t-k) < P(t-4-k) where k = 0,...,-8
  • Buy Perfection:
  • DayLow of P(t) <= DayLow of P(t-3) && P(t-2) or DayLow of P(t-1) <= DayLow of P(t-3) && P(t-2)

  • Support Condition:
  • P(t-i) >= TD Support, where i=0,...,13

If All conditions are True then we have a TD Buy Perfection and set the new TD Support = MIN(P(t-i)) and new TD Resistance = MAX(P(t-i)) for all i.

The TD Sell is correspondingly.

This indicator is a very famous algorithm. According to US & EU copyright law formulas and algorithms cannot be copyrighted. But trademark names are protected. This is why we cannot call it by its original name. But it should be clear from the algorithm which one it is referring to.

Signal Example:

TD SELL $6449.TW at 75.30, Supp 62.20 Resis 75.30 R21 HiLo 92% buy 1.8 PE 23.7 DIV 2.81% #APAQ TECHN #Taiwan #trading #stocks

This is a recommendation to Sell the stock $6449.TW at 75.30. The signal has a support at price 62.20 and a resistance at 75.30. The range of this support and resistance is R21 meaning 21% wide. That means you have a chance to make 21% return trading this signal. The price of 6449.TW is 92% of the 52 week High and Low range and analysts have an average 'buy' rating with a rating of 1.8 (scale 1-5), a fwd PE Ratio of 23.7 and Dividend Yield of 2.81%. APAQ TECHN is the name of the stock (it is limited to 10 chars).